I Conjured an Effing Tornado

June 30, 2008

Originally Posted on 3/18/08

Good Morning,

I’m finally caught up on rest after last weekend’s exciting trip to Atlanta, GA for the APCA National Conference. I was there to promote the show in the Big Name Entertainment booth along with the Showoff Show and the USA BreakDancers. All three of us also had showcases.

On Friday, I had my showcase at about 9:30pm. I had a couple new jokes and they went over really well. As a result, guess what? Now everyone else gets to laugh at them! Here’s a photo of my showcase, courtesy of Tifton University’s CAB.


When I was exiting the stage, the Stage Manager said to me “Don’t go outside, there’s a tornado – they’re locking us all in the hotel.” I honestly thought they were putting me on. Little did I know, this was going on outside:

Pretty scary. The hotel we were in was about 4 or 5 blocks from some of the hotels that got it really bad. Check out some photos that Evan took here. Pretty scary! And it’s not the first time I’ve had a run in with a tornado while on the road!

The conference resulted in some tour dates that will be added to the Southern U.S. in the Fall of 08 and Spring of 09.

Tomorrow, I travel to Allendale, MI to perform at Grand Valley State University. The folks there are way cool. I met them at a NACA conference last fall.

Can’t wait!

Peace, love, and boarded-up windows,


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