If it plays in Peoria…

June 30, 2008

Originally Posted on 3/3/08

Wow – another busy week! I’ve really gotta thank everyone for making this year so great so far. It’s been two months and already I feel like I’ve been on a freaking U.S. Tour.


Someone pointed out a funny thing to me today. Take a look at Jim Gaffigan’s latest concerts schedule promo:

Look familiar?


Hahaha. How honored I am that Jim Gaffigan would copy my style. Next thing you know he’ll start ripping off my routine about Hot Pockets.


So I started out last week flying into Philadelphia to perform at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ. Rutgers has a cool multi-purpose room with lots of space. I was still pretty sick when I got there and so my hosts were so kind as to keep me topped off with hot tea the entire time. So awesome! Here are some photos from Rutgers:

Multimedia message
Setting Up

Multimedia message
Some of my posters on a bulletin board.

Multimedia message
Programming Info Board

Multimedia message
The stage before lights and sound were set up.

Multimedia message
Pretty neat poster they made for the event. How cool! They are the first ones to use this photo for promotion. I put it up in the Promo section to see if anyone would use it. I personally think it looks alot like the infamous “Bat Boy Found In Cave Photo.” You be the judge:



Friday’s show was at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois which was not anywhere near Camden, NJ. I had been to Peoria once before for a NACA conference, so the area was somewhat familiar. Bradley’s campus was pretty cool. The folks there were super kind. I’m sorry I don’t have any photos to upload (my mobile upload link from Flickr.com isn’t working). I can say that when I showed up, Bradley told me that they were expecting around 30 people to the event. They drew a curtain to separate the room and make it smaller. By showtime, there were more than 125 people and they had to open the curtain back up and add a lot more chairs! Always great to see a nice turnout! I was still under the weather, but feeling slightly better, so the show went well! It was a great time and the nice folks at Bradley took me out to an AWESOME restaurant after the show!

There was an old vaudeville saying “If it plays in Peoria, it will play anywhere!” This was because Peoria, IL was said to be a representative population of the country, so if the people there liked it, they would like it anywhere else in the country. I guess that’s great news for my act!


The WVKO Party was a blast. I took a couple photos of the audience, but it was pretty crazy in there and I haven’t uploaded them yet. I was expecting a crowd of a couple hundred. It ended up being MUCH larger. Can’t say for sure – but definitely between 600-800 people! I got bumped from my original spot of going on right before Stephanie Miller. They decided instead to put on a myriad of politicians, each giving a 2-3 minute speech. After two or three, the crowd was sick of them and wanting Stephanie. I would have been the better choice to go on right before, but hey – you have to give the politicians their opportunity to be heard I suppose. Met some awesome folks, including Donna Mogavero, The Ukelele Man, Dan Dougan, and others. If anyone has photos, let me know!


This week is going to be a fun one. On Thursday, the Showoff Show flies in and comes with me to a private event I’ve got going on at Deer Creek State Park. Then Friday, we perform together at Ohio Northern University! I can’t wait!

Peace, Love, and Gaffigan,



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