Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, OH Have the Same Weather

June 30, 2008

Originally Posted on 4/5/08

So last week took me to Philadelphia, PA. No problems getting into the PHL airport this time! I got the airport and shuttled it to my hotel with no issues. I was ultra super hungry and couldn’t wait to get to the hotel to eat, but they didn’t start serving food until after I had to leave for my show, so I just ate some cookies instead. The Internet at the hotel was down too, which was a bummer. Give me food and Internet and I can live happy for quite awhile.

The weather was dreary – rainy and cold. Just like it has been here in Ohio.

Neumann College’s Campus Safety picked me up at the hotel and took me to the show. That was kind of interesting. Lots of kind of interesting things happened at Neumann, but for the most part I had a good time and had a good turnout at the show. Neumann College is the second campus I’ve been to this year with a cemetery literally ON campus. And the building I was performing in was called Learning Center 1. With all those dead people right there on campus, they couldn’t name the building after one of them? Oh well!

Next it was back home for a night to perform at Wilmington College in Wilmington, OH. The folks there were awesome – super nice. I was performing as part of a Siblings Weekend Program. Right before my show, they were doing a talent show for all the little kids and one boy told me he didn’t have a talent after he unsuccessfully tried to hypnotize his mother. I taught him a card trick and gave him a deck of cards so he could be in the show. He won a prize! woo hoo for magic!

The show went really well and I was happy to get to drive home and sleep in my own bed after the show. Oh yeah, here’s one of my photos from the road of the stage at Wilmington:

Multimedia message

Today I’m relaxing and finishing up taxes (nothing like procrastination). Then I’m going to go look at cars!

Next up is Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica, NY. On Tuesday, I fly in early morning, drive from Syracuse, do the show in Utica, drive back and fly home all in the same day! Wish me luck!

I will be performing at The Ohio State University on April 28th at 7pm in Hagerty Hall 180! See the facebook event HERE. Bring your friends!

peace, love and little siblings,


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