Snowed in With the Showoffs!

June 30, 2008

Originally Posted on 3/10/08

Last week, we saw some beautiful weather in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Early in the week temperatures neared 60 degrees and the sun felt amazing. It cooled down a little just in time for my friends Jonathan and Evan from the Showoff Show to fly in on Thursday.

I had a show Thursday night for the Ohio Intercourt Conference. When they called a few months ago and scheduled the show and told me who it was for, I thought “Alright! Finally – this is going to be AWESOME.”

Then they said “No, Michael. I said InterCOURT.” Damn. Maybe next time.

The Showoffs came with me to help out with that gig and it went well. It was a drinking crowd full of P.O.’s, Judges and Magistrates. Great times and a standing ovation at the end! (although I’m suspicious that they just were getting a head-start to the bar)


The snow started coming in Friday morning. It was bad, but we weren’t worried until it took us more than an hour to pick up our rental car that was only 5 miles away. The Showoffs and I had a pow-wow and decided to brave the elements and drive up to our gig that was scheduled at Ohio Northern University in Ada, OH (2 hours north of Columbus). The drive wasn’t too bad, thanks to Evan’s advanced driving skills, and we made it to the show in time.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed performing at Ohio Northern. They brought out an AWESOME crowd of more than 280 people! I lost one of my contacts before the show, so explained to the audience that I couldn’t see shit. This made for a funny moment early in the show when I accidentally called a guy “she.” But to my defense, he had long hair and was about 50 yards away from me. haha Here’s a shot of the audience from the back!


Thanks to Jonathan for taking some photos during the show of the crowd. Also thanks to Levi Good, an Ohio Northern Student who used Evan’s camera to take a TON of hi-res photos. I’ll post a few here, but check them out for yourself on my Flickr Account.


View the rest Here.

After my show, I introduced the Showoff Show, a show who, according to their Mad Libs-style Introduction:
…has been performing 17 years, originated in Russia, and has been described as Chartreuse and Hairy.

They put on a hell of a show and everyone loved their comedy, contortionism, juggling and stunts.

The storm started up again about the time that we headed home. We finally made it back to Columbus around 2am and the Showoffs’ 8am flight got cancelled. Due to the record 20″ snowfall, they ended up spending the weekend at the Kent house, which was great, because we hung out and had time to go over show tapes and do some writing!

Thanks to Evan and Jonathan for a fun weekend and to Ohio Northern and the Ohio Intercourt Conference for some fun audiences!

Next up, I was selected to perform in a Showcase at the National Conference for APCA in Atlanta, GA. I fly to Atlanta on Thursday and spend the rest of the weekend at that conference. Should be a GREAT time!

Peace, love and snow shovels,


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