Valparaiso University and Illinois College

June 30, 2008

Originally Posted on 2/8/08

So I just got done performing at Illinois College and Valparaiso University before that. Had a great time at both.

Valpo was a sibs weekend. Those are always fun and unpredictable. It’s amazing to me how much kids like my act, especially since I don’t do your typical magic act. In this particular show, I asked for a $20 from the audience and a 11 or 12 year old girl, Serenity, had one and wanted to be part of the show. Her reactions were PRICELESS and had the entire audience rolling. I had to stop for a moment to keep my composure I was laughing so hard.

I’m trying out a couple new tables/ stage layouts for my act. Here’s a photo of the stage at Valpo:

The roads in Illinois and Indiana in the winter are really straight and really boring. Nothing against those states – it’s just that they’re so flat. Ohio’s flat — but Indiana and Illinois are moreso. I got bored on the drive:

I got to Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL a little early the next day so I stopped by the local Wal Mart. Never before have I felt so out of place in a Wal Mart. I really felt like I was the only one there not wearing camo. Also I noticed an abundance of bearded folk.

I got to the school and there was a really crazy stage built on top of the normal stage that extended the front out over the first few rows of the audience:

It didn’t matter to me. But I used some of my day-glo spiking tape on the edges to make sure I didn’t trip during the show (ended up only tripping once).

The show went well. The auditorium was HOT (broken thermostat?) but we got through it and on to the next show.

Sidenote: Sometimes I get sidetracked in my show. So here’s how I cheat:

Peace, love, and set lists,



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