I Cut My Thumb at Ferris State

March 6, 2009

This week, the Showoff Show and I headed up to Big Rapids, MI to perform at Ferris State University.

I drove 4 hours up to Lansing, MI the night before to pick the guys up at the airport. We stayed the night there in Lansing, then drove the 2 hours to Ferris State in the morning. Here’s a brief video of the trip:

I was performing my rope trick and must have gotten into it too much. Either that, or someone sharpened my scissors when I wasn’t looking, because they sliced through the rope much easier than expected and cut right into my thumb! I felt it happen, but tried to hide it because I didn’t see any blood. I had two people onstage with me. I’m not sure if they saw it or not, but I looked down and there was blood all over the rope and it was dripping onto the stage. I think at that point, I laughingly told the girl to my right “I cut myself.” She immediately was worried but I told her “I think it’s okay.” Then I asked the stage manager for a band-aid over the microphone. No one came for awhile – after the show someone told me this was because they thought I was joking. Meanwhile, I went on with the show. Several more props became stained. Then the stage manager brought me out a band-aid and all was good. The cut’s not that bad – just in a tough place – turns out it’s kind of difficult to do my act with a band-aid on your left thumb. Who knew?

The show was a hell of a lot of fun. The Showoff Show was great and people really loved them. I really enjoy performing with them.

Here are some photos that Evan Young took from the show:

The Rope Trick

The Rope Trick

The Chicken Trick

The Chicken Trick

A Serious Talk

A Serious Talk

Another quick funny story. This was a college-appropriate show. In other words, it wasn’t the show I perform for sibs weekends or corporate events. Near the end of the show, I heard what sounded like a little kid. I said, “Wait – did someone bring a three year old to the show?” Everyone laughed. It got quiet. From the back of auditorium: “I’m FIVE!”

Peace, love and childhood education


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