Albertus Magnus and Wilmington!

March 25, 2009

I recently flew to Connecticut to perform at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven. The show was fun but a couple challenges may have opened some doors.

First, my road case has 4 catches. 2 on each side of the lid. This apparently presents a problem for the TSA, because after the last 3 or 4 flights my case always seems to be unlatched and OPEN when I get it. Here’s a shot of the case on the carousel in Hartford:

Uploaded - 3\259

So I took the case to Cabbage Cases to see what advice they had to offer. We redesigned the case to solve the problem, so some good will come out of it! ALSO – they replaced the bent catches on my old case free of charge. Cabbage is awesome!

Also – there was a glitch in the sound system at Albertus Magnus that prevented me from using the wireless lapel mic that I always use. So I did the whole show from a handheld corded mic on a straight stand. I normally don’t do this, but I’ve been wanting to make it a goal for some time now. I learned that almost all of the show works just fine from a handheld mic on a stand. The only thing that causes problems is the multiplying bottle trick. So what was adversity at face value could be a valuable lesson in that I can perform my show from a handheld mic if I need to.

Upon returning to Columbus, I attended the premiere of my friend Ty Pierce’s first feature-length film, Misdirection. I was blown away at what a great job he did with this movie. With a limited budget and lots of friends as talent in the movie, he really made it work. I was proud. Here’s a shot of me at the premiere enjoying a nice imperial stout at Studio 35.

Uploaded - 3\259-1

Last night I performed at Wilmington College in Wilmington, OH. I was fortunate enough to perform there just last year for their sibs weekend, but they had me back last night to perform for the students. And since its only about an hour and a half from home, a lot of friends got to come see the show too!

I debuted a new trick during the afternoon in which I borrow a cell phone or an ipod and magically get it inside a balloon! It’s been a ton of fun performing the trick! I’m working on a way to fit it into the show!

There was a slight mishap before the show involving the glass from the multiplying bottles trick:

Uploaded - 3\259-2

But we got the glass replaced and we’re all good! I can’t believe the support I’ve been receiving on Facebook lately. I really appreciate all the love. Here’s a link to my Facebook page if you’re not already a fan:

Later this week, I fly to Seattle to perform in Lacey, WA at St. Martin’s, then the next day, playing Sibz (yes they spell it with a ‘z’) weekend at Maryville in St. Louis!

So excited for both shows! Until next time,

peace, love and shards of glass,


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