12 States Already This Year

April 1, 2009

Wow! Just looked over the past 3 months’ schedule and I’ve performed in 12 states already. I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not, but it sure feels like it.

This last weekend, I performed at St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA and at Maryville University in St. Louis, MO.

The show in Lacey, WA was a little ways south of Tacoma. This was my first trip to the Pacific Northwest and I loved everything about it. Here’s a shot from the airplane:

Uploaded - 3\289

Soon after I saw this mountain range and snapped this photo, we flew over Mt. Ranier, but for some reason I didn’t get a picture of it. Had I taken a picture, it would have looked something like this:

The only things I would have liked more are a) clearer skies and b) more time to enjoy it! When I stepped out of the SeaTac airport, I immediately could feel there was something different about the air. It just felt and smelled fresher and cleaner. I had an urge to wade in a stream – possibly go mountain climbing. I decided to just get some Chinese food instead. But my fortune was pretty interesting:

Uploaded - 3\289-1

The show at St. Martins was a great time – I played in a tiny little Student Activities Center to a crowd of about 50.

I woke up the next day to catch an EARLY flight out of a rainy SeaTac Airport. Had a layover in Salt Lake – my first time flying through there. I was amazed at the beauty. Mountains completely surround the airport. It’s impossible to get the beauty in a phone picture from the airplane:

Uploaded - 3\289-3

It was a strange thing waking up at the crack of dawn in Seattle, getting on a plane, and getting off the plane in St. Louis only to find that it was almost show time. The fact that St. Louis was cold and rainy just like Seattle only added to the time warp feeling!

The show at Maryville College was for Sibz Weekend. Great crowd – somewhere around 200-250 I think! After some last minute shuffling around of lights and sound (they had to completely rotate the chair/stage setup to face a different direction an hour before the show!), we had a great show with great reactions and some cute kids onstage! The program board people at Maryville are super nice and a lot of fun. This was our third time hanging out and I hope there will be more!

This week, I head to Rochester, MN to hang out in the booth at NACA Northern Plains on Thursday and Friday, then I fly to Connecticut to perform at Western Connecticut State University’s sibs weekend!

In other news, I was recently accepted by Armed Forces Entertainment, an organization “dedicated to bringing our troops stationed overseas the very best in up-and-coming entertainment.” They will send me on a tour to perform for men and women in the US military stationed overseas when they have an appropriate request and slot. I am really looking forward to the opportunity!

peace, love and time warps,


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