Performing for the Lambda Kappa Sigma Ladies of Duquesne University

March 29, 2010

I just saw this note on Facebook about my recent show at Duquesne:

Nice note from Lambda Kappa Sigma, Duquesne University

From Sarah, the organizer of the event:

Something brand new for LKS, for the first time ever we had Entertainment. And what a fabulous SHOW!!!! Michael Kent, “Comic, Magician, Smart @$” Came, Saw and Concurred. Damn he’s funny and pretty damn magical too. I kept his identity a secret, at least i tried as long as i could but i let it slip a few times. And from those few that found out early, one look at the internet got people pumped. But the show was so much better than i ever could have imagined. There was even a few hecklers, but it worked, it made it even funnier. Of course i happened to miss the best trick! I was called out of the room and missed the martini trick (but don’t worry i just watched it on youtube). The rest of the show was a blast and apparently Jordan is a dick :). Michael sat at our table (The Dr. Laux table) and the fact that he fit in fantastically with all of the pharmacy nerds in the room put my mind at ease. Not to mention everyone thought he was adorable, including me, and a few men in the room i have no doubt. I don’t think i could thank him enough because he really is the reason that this whole thing worked. He was the clincher, the hot thing to keep people there, in the room, and in the mood to have a good time. It takes definite skill to be able to draw the attention of 122 drunk sorority sisters and their dates. Thank you thank you thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to the ladies who decided to have me at their formal. It was a ton of fun!


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