I’m excited to return to the Magic Castle in Hollywood this coming weekend, this time to perform with Theory11 LIVE, a show made up of various guest artists from the Theory11 group!

Shows lately have been a lot of fun! I just got back from a trip to North Carolina to perform with my buddy Ivan Pecel at UNC Pembroke. Sat on the runway for 2.5 hours in Raleigh trying to get home, though. That wasn’t fun. But by the time I got to my layover in Baltimore, that plane was having maintenance too, so I ended up getting home (almost) on time!

There’s an all new http://michaelkentLIVE.com in the works! It will be a LOT more fun, as it will incorporate these travel blogs into the site much more seamlessly! In other words, it will motivate me to write more often about my travels. Hopefully will get off my ass and create more Joke/Story/Trick videos too!


Just got word I’ll be returning to perform at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH again on August 23rd. Bowling Green has recently become one of my favorite schools to play, partly because of it being so close to home, but mostly because of the ROCKIN crowds I’ve had there the last couple times. Two weeks ago, we had over 650 in attendance! If you’re near Northwest Ohio on August 23rd, be sure to catch the show!

Tour Schedule

For a complete list of shows, visit http://michaelkentLIVE.com/tour

The Magic Newswire is a blog/podcast for magicians.  There you will see interviews with entertainers like David Blaine, Lance Burton, Neil Patrick Harris and many others.  I was recently interviewed about playing colleges and about my recent trip to Korea.

You can listen to the interview via flash HERE.

My good friend Jon Petz produces “Miracles and Magic,”  a benefit show every year for “A Kid Again,” which is an organization that helps kids who are fighting illness do fun activities despite all their medical bills and stress. Part of that show is an opening night party at a Martini Bar, happening tonight. The martini bar, Martini Park at Easton, is a SWEET environment for entertainment. Tickets are $100 each and all proceeds go to the charity. I donated my time to the cause, along with a gang of other magicians, local and national. To promote the event, some of us appeared live yesterday on Columbus local television Fox28 and ABC6 with Johnny DiLoretto.

To learn more about the show, http://miraclesandmagic.com

It’s back to the grind performing around these 50 United States.  I started off my return from Korea performing at Indiana University Southeast.  We had a small crowd (about 50), but the Student Programming Council was thrilled with the turnout!  The mascot at IUS (I think would be cooler if the initials were IUSE), is not the Hoosier.  It’s the Grenadier.  I didn’t know what that was.  I thought that’s the stuff they put in coke to make homemade cherry coke.  I was informed that is GrenaDINE and that a Grenadier is a person in the war who throws grenades.  So I had some fun with that onstage.  Here are some photos from the show.


The photos were taken my by friend, U-Gene Dinsmore, a professional wrestler who I met in Korea. After the show, U-Gene picked me up in his sweet ride and we grabbed some food.


From there, I headed back to Ohio to perform at Walsh University’s Lil Sibs Weekend. I had a great time at Walsh. The students and staff there couldn’t have been nicer. I also did one of the more fun shows I’ve done in awhile – it was very high-energy. Normally for a larger crowd (this was almost 400 people), the energy doesn’t have to be as high because I’m normally on a larger stage and the sound and lights do all the work. I can be a little more subtle and let the laughs come. But for this show, there were tons of kids in the audience and the room was big and dark with a riser stage. (Side note: Walsh did an EXCELLENT job of setting up this multi-purpose room for the event). I was running around and yelling the whole show. One of the high-lights was when Dominico, a 9 year old, gave me a $20 to use for the trick. We then learned that someone else had lent the $20 to him and I was trying to give him advice on how to spend it. He wouldn’t stop doing that snappy thing you do with your hand when you’re trying to pack your dip. It was awesome.


I did my own intro to this show, which is something I started doing in Korea. I come out, as if I’m part of the staff (at Walsh, I wore one of their T-shirts). Since I’m not famous, they have no clue what Michael Kent looks like as I’m reading about MK’s accomplishments. Then I leave the stage, take off the t-shirt, and take the stage again, saying, “It’s me….I’m him.”


It was a fun show and I hope to return to Walsh again!

Finally, you can now receive FREE text message alerts from me if you want (standard txt rates apply). Basically, they’ll just let you know if there are really exciting things happening or if I’m performing in your area. Don’t worry, I won’t be texting the crap out of you with stuff like “I just ate a WHOLE habanero pepper!” Although that WOULD be pretty amazing. Click the thingy below if you want to sign up to receive the text messages.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

peace love and habaneros,

Ellusionist.com, a web site for young magicians to learn stuff, has written about me on their blog.

Ellusionist Logo

“It was an incredible 15-day tour on 10 US Army bases,” Kent said. “I was doing college shows and I loved doing them, but I wanted to give back more. These people were so appreciative it was really fulfilling and it became difficult to leave each night.”

Read the full text here.

My official tour schedule in South Korea has been posted! Here are the dates!

Thu, Feb 11 Camp Carroll, Hideaway Club, 7 pm
Fri, Feb12 Camp Walker, Hilltop Club, 8 pm
Sat, Feb 13 Yongsan Garrison, Main Post Club, 8 pm
Sun, Feb 14 K-16 AB, Landing Zone, 7 pm
Tue, Feb 16 Camp Casey, Warrior’s Club, 7 pm
Wed, Feb 17 Suwon AB, Scudbusters, 7 pm
Thu, Feb 18 Camp Humphreys, Tommy D’s, 8 pm
Fri, Feb 19 Camp Stanley, Reggie’s, 7 pm
Sat, Feb 20 Camp Red Cloud, Mitchell’s, 7 pm
Sun, Feb 21 Camp Casey, Gateway Club, 7 pm
Tue, Feb 23 Camp Bonifas, Sanctuary, 7 pm

Tour Schedule

For a complete list of shows, visit http://michaelkentLIVE.com/tour

Finally got to see the results of a photo shoot I recently did with Michelle Black. Michelle is the photographer with whom I did the last round of promo shots and I was really pleased with the results. This shoot was done at and outside of Michelle’s new studio space.


Michelle’s got a really unique feel for the photos where she lets loose and has fun and the result are photos that almost have a sort of dark feel to them. That background intrigues me, because many photos that I appear in almost have the opposite affect, that being a corny or cheesy feel. Just like photos of my act – photos of me, when taken out of context – don’t convey the edge or intelligence of the show. They just come off looking cheesy. Michelle’s photos help me accomplish what I’m trying to do, which is have the pictures not just be good pictures of me, but share who I am. In this shoot, we were really trying to portray the show, which is a) conversational and b) friendly. Here are some samples of the awesome results:

Again – thanks to Michelle for scheduling me for this shoot. Like mine, her schedule has gotten significantly busier since our last shoot. I think its a testament to a good partnership!

Browse through all the pics from this shoot
Visit Michelle’s Site
Visit Michelle’s Blog

Wow – a ton of people have seen this video. I’ve even met people at live shows who have seen the video. It’s no “Evolution of Dance,” but 100k is a lot of views!

Hey! Here’s a quick look at some college shows we just added to the fall schedule! Let me know if you’re interested in bringing me to your school and we’ll add you to the list!

6/25 – Albany, GA
8/15 – Mt. Pleasant, MI
8/22 – Lexington, KY
8/27 – Clarion, PA
8/30 – Bowling Green, OH
9/2 – Westville, IN
9/12 – Philadelphia, PA
9/25 – Pella, IA
10/2 – Oxford, OH
10/3 – Reading, PA
10/21 – Murray, KY
10/22 – Richmond, KY
10/27 – Arnold, MD
11/12 – Lyndonville, VT

Tour Schedule

For a complete list of shows, visit http://michaelkentLIVE.com/tour