The Magic Newswire is a blog/podcast for magicians.  There you will see interviews with entertainers like David Blaine, Lance Burton, Neil Patrick Harris and many others.  I was recently interviewed about playing colleges and about my recent trip to Korea.

You can listen to the interview via flash HERE.


Campus Activities Magazine has released the nominations for their annual Reader’s Choice Awards and I was nominated for an award in both the “Best Small Venue Performer” and “Newest Rising Star” categories!

Voting is open this month, so make sure you go vote!

My good friends, the SHOWOFF Show, were nominated in the Best Live Novelty Artist category, so be sure to vote for them too!

Hey Everyone!

I sure am looking forward to Thanksgiving!  I’ve already had a couple Thanksgiving Dinners – a couple more to go.  Interesting note – the following question has come up twice this week: What’s the difference between a yam and a sweet potato?  My guess was that a yam is a yam until it goes to prison and gets a nickname.  But that’s just a guess.

One of the things I’m most thankful for this Thanksgiving is all the love and support I’ve received from fans and friends.  All of the great people that have expressed interest in my work have made it so much fun to do what I do.  I have just ONE more small favor to ask of you this year.

Campus Activities Magazine is holding their annual Reader’s Choice Awards.  Will you vote for me for #10 – NEWEST RISING STAR?  I’d be forever grateful!  Don’t forget to put your name and info at the bottom or the ballot won’t be counted!



Thank you SO much!

ALSO – Vote for my friends – the Showoff Show! for #8 – BEST NOVELTY PERFORMANCE/ LIVE!