On Saturday night, I was selected to perform a showcase at the NACA MidAmerica Regional Conference in Peoria, IL!

At the conference, they leave one of the final spots in the showcase open for what is called an “on-site showcase selection” which means that students vote for who they’d like to see in that spot. More than 300 students voted, and they selected me! It was a GREAT honor to get the vote and I really appreciate the support of everyone.

I performed three excerpts from my hour show, including “Seeing Into the Future,” “The Money Trick,” and “Stars.” I really enjoyed it, but the 15 minute showcase went by in the blink of an eye!

Thanks again for voting for me!!! I should have some video of the showcase highlights up soon, so check back next week for that!

Next weekend, I’ll be showcasing at the NACA Northeast Regional Conference in Hartford, CT!



November 3, 2008

Shows at ECU, LSC and IUP.  All three shows were nice theaters, so it was nice to be out of the multi-purpose rooms for a week!

Flew into North Carolina and drove out to Greenville to visit the campus of East Carolina University.  East Carolina’s mascot is the Pirate. And when I asked the audience what the school mascot was, they all answered in unison: “The Pirates! Arrrgghhh!” It was as if they had rehearsed it – VERY funny.

The show went well with an excellent turnout. ECU does a cool thing where they make a slideshow of all of their upcoming campus events and play it before the show. i tried to take a photo from the wings before the show.


After the show in Greenville, I flew to Manchester, NH and drove to Lyndonville, Vermont.

Here are some photos taken while driving. Not safe to do, but I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the fall leaves and had to take them.


Lyndon State College was another really fun show. Another nice theater and great people! I was realy impressed with their broadcast production studio behind the theater. They do live local news broadcasts from there! After the show, I was invited to a big party that ALL the students were going to. One student even myspaced me the directions to the party! But I had to fly out of Manchester EARLY the next morning and it was a 4:30am wake up call, so the smarter MK prevailed and I went back to the hotel after the show.

I flew into Philly and drove to Lancaster, PA for the NACA MidAmerica conference. Stayed there for a day and hung out – then drove to Indiana, PA for a show at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

When I got there, I learned that I was one of the first acts to perform in the theater in over 2 years because it was under renovation. The theater was absolutely beautiful and the tech crew was awesome. Top notch. The other acts schedule to appear there this year were Creedence Clearwater Revival and Ron White – that’s some pretty good company! The show had 400 or 500 in attendance and was a LOT of fun. Sold some posters and keychains and drove home.

One thing that’s tough about doing three or four shows in a week is when I go to think back about them, I get the details confused. That’s one of the reasons I started writing here. When I get to a school, I usually only really get to see the theater or room I’m performing in. Every show is different because the audiences are all different, but usually the easiest way to remember about a school is to remember the great people who brought me in and put the event on. So thanks this week to Jacob Tidwell, Laura McNaughton, Stephanie Tyler, Dave Surtasky and Rick Kutz for making the shows more memorable and being so welcoming.

peace, love and good people,

Hey Everyone! I got a call from Laura last night that I was selected to showcase at the NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) National Convention Feb. 14-18 in Nashville! I’m SUPER Excited!

I was selected to be a roving artist which means I get to perform for an entire day of the convention.  This is a pretty big deal to me, so I’m really pumped!

I’ve had a few days off and some fun times and now it’s back to the grind! This week, I:

Fly to Raleigh, NC,
Drive to Greenville for a show at East Carolina University,
Fly to Manchester, NH,
Drive to Lyndonville, VT for a show at Lyndon State College,
Fly to Philadelphia, PA,
Drive to Lancaster, PA for NACA and to hang out with the Big Name Entertainment dudes,
Drive to Indiana, PA for a show at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and finally —
Drive home.

It will be a busy week! Still beats sitting behind a desk.

I had a funny experience at the airport leaving Columbus on the last trip. One of the props for my show that I carry on the plane with me is the “box inside a box inside a box etc.” I’ve been told by TSA that it looks exactly like what it is when it goes through the scanner. In fact, they’ll usually ask me “Is this just a box inside a box inside a box?” Sometimes I feel like putting a little mint or candy or something inside the smallest box for when they want to open them all. Leaving Columbus on Thursday, the TSA screener said to me “Geesh, how much do you TRAVEL? I see this thing ALL THE TIME.” haha Also, one of the blue parking lot shuttle drivers knows me by name now.

Last week I performed in Texas at UTPA (University of Texas Pan American). Usually branch campuses are small and I don’t expect much in the way of audience size or facilities. But WOW, was I wrong about that at UTPA. This school is huge, like 30k enrolled!

When I flew into Harlingen, TX, the rental car company gave me the biggest truck on their lot (I usually always just get the economy, but they were out). I’m not really good with trucks. In fact, the last time I drove a truck, I knocked over a brick wall in an accident referred to by friends as “The Kool-Aid Man Incident.”

When I got to Edinburg and arrived on UTPA’s campus, they had flyered th show pretty well. Here’s one of the posters:


The show went really well. My friend Norman Ng had performed there a couple weeks prior and had performed a snowstorm routine, as evidenced by a couple flakes around the stage. This actually made me kind of happy because my performance is so different than Norman’s and the students got to see a completely different form of entertainment. Also, because I close my show with a spoof on the snowstorm routine! hehe


After the show, there were lots of cool people that came up to say hi and I was flattered by all the pictures, autographs and friend adds. Thanks.


More photos from the UTPA show here.

Flying home, I took a picture of the gulf coast that was really amazing looking:


This week is going to be a tough-one travel wise, as noted above, so I really appreciate everyone’s support and love. Write me a note to read while sitting in an airport, backstage before a show, or in the hotel. I usually respond to just about everything. I can’t wait to visit North Carolina, see the fall leaves on the drive from NH to VT, hang with Jon and Evan in Lancaster, and finally see the famous campus of IUP that everyone seems to know about.

Finally, make sure you’re registered to vote and get out and VOTE! It’s the youth vote that is so important in this election. The majority of my readers are college age and you’re the ones that can be the ones to determine the future of this country. And while I’m on my election soap box, please educate yourself on the issues.

I have a ton to do before the next trip, so I will leave you all here!

peace, love and fall weather,

I decided to reveal some of my secrets in a video:

New Posters Now Available!

September 22, 2008

The new posters are up on the store and available now!  Hang them up in your dorm room! Click the poster!

Michael Kent Poster

Also – buttons and stickers are for sale in the green rubber chicken design!

Michael Kent Buttons

Kevin Smith Talks About Prince

September 16, 2008

If you get the opportunity to watch some videos of Kevin Smith’s live presentation, he is an absolutely amazing storyteller. Here’s one of my favorites:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

New Hampshire

September 16, 2008

I’m feeling much better. Whatever vile illness existed inside my gut last week is much less painful this week. Still not 100%, but feeling much better. This weekend I flew back to Manchester, NH to perform in New London, NH at Colby Sawyer College.

First, let me say something – When I got to the Manchester Airport Sunday, John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” was there. I didn’t take a photo because my camera was put away in my bag. Apparently he was christening a Nascar race or a gun rally or something. In any case – everyone made a big deal about Barack Obama’s plane because he took the American flag off the tail when he repainted it with his campaign colors (red, white and blue). If that’s such an issue why isn’t anyone pointing out that McCain’s plane is blue and yellow? No American flag, no red white and blue. Just sayin:
McCain Airplane

Anyway, I drove about an hour to New London, NH. I wanted to grab a bite to eat when I got there, so I used the “Food” option on my Garmin. The only places that came up were Mom and Pop joints, so I instantly knew I was in a small town. I was craving some Applebees or maybe Red Lobster. The only thing on the map I’d ever heard of before was Subway and it was closed on Sunday! So I headed to “Pizza Chef” and had a hot sub. It was actually pretty good. The girls behind the counter were nice and made a joke about how they accept every kind of currency except IOU’s.

Then I arrived at my motel. The Fairway Motel. I walked into the office (which was really just a hallway in someone’s house), and got the key to my room (which was a real key) and proceeded to room #5 at the creepy Bates Motel like place. It was actually really nice and clean and had TV and wireless Internet, so I was fine. Really, if ANYWHERE has TV and wireless Internet, I’m pretty much set. That said, the place was rather quaint:
Multimedia message

I got to Colby Sawyer and was shown around by Megan and Noah. The teaser went really well – lots of interest in the show already. Colby Sawyer only has about 1,000 students, so the expected crowd was somewhere around 100-150. At 5 minutes until showtime, the room was FULL and they had to put more chairs out until they ran out of chairs. In total, about 248 students came to the show and they were an awesome crowd. Super excited. Here are some photos from the show:

There are more photos HERE.

Apparently while I was performing in New Hampshire, they were having 75 mph winds back home in Ohio. My friend who works in the energy industry said that 60% of Ohio was without power on Monday. Flying into Columbus at night, it was interesting to see all the dark spots. You couldn’t really tell where the highways were like you usually can. You could only see the cars themselves. Getting home wasn’t too difficult although there were several traffic lights out along the way. I was happy to see that my house didn’t lose power. My patio furniture is ruined, but we’ve got power and hot water, and for that I feel grateful (and like a spoiled brat). Most of our electricity crews are in Texas helping with the the Hurricane Ike damage down there, so many places in Columbus won’t regain power until as late as Thursday! I really hope people don’t eat spoiled food. Also glad it’s not 100 degrees out – I can’t imagine not having AC!

My next show is at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. Shepherdstown is a neat little eclectic town near Washington DC with a rich civil war history. I remember having a blast there last year – can’t wait to go back. I’m really flattered that so many of the schools are re-booking me year to year. I try my best to constantly improve the show so even if some of the bits are the same, they’re funnier and better.

Also just announced is an Oct. 21 performance at Eastern Carolina University in Greenville, NC. Check out my performance calendar for more dates.

peace, love and tree limbs in the road,

“The Beaver Fever”

September 12, 2008

Hahaha. That title’s gonna get my blog tons of hits. I’ll explain. It’s not as dirty as you think, perverts.

Turns out I contracted some sort of foodbourne illness from the last string of shows. Who knows where it came from – could be the raw oysters or the snapper or the Philly Cheesesteak for all I know. I got pretty sick – the kind of sick that makes you ache from head to toe and makes your mouth go numb. Went to the Dr. and his guess was that I was suffering from an illness that…well I won’t get into the gross details, but the nickname of it is “The Beaver Fever.” Pretty funny. I’m feeling much better now (still not 100%) and back on my feet. Oh wait, I was never off my feet. Let’s see – what all did I do during the time I was sick?

Last Friday I performed at Ohio University’s Baker Center Theater. This was my second performance in this room, as I performed there for the ACUI conference earlier this year. The new Baker Center is an amazing building. Anyone visiting OU should see it to see what a campus center should look like. State-of-the-art EVERYTHING. The turnout was phenomenal. I think we had between 175 and 200 (full house) with students standing on the sides of the auditorium. They promoted the show really well:

Multimedia message

A local stand-up from Athens, Matt Karp, opened the show. Funny guy. Takes a lot of flack from his folks about impersonating a vagina onstage.

After the show, despite having a fever and sweating bullets, I drove back to Columbus so I could go to the Buckeye game the next day and kick OU’s butt again! 🙂

Sunday was a fun day – performed at an outdoor wedding reception for a really fun couple. They wanted something eclectic for their wedding reception (they had gotten married in a helicopter in Vegas two days prior) and my show was perfect for it. I had a lot of fun with their friends and family performing. Again, after the show went home and tried to sleep and feel better.

Tuesday I had to get a fill in for a two-man strolling gig that I was scheduled to do. Hated to do that, but it was for the best – I was a mess. But that ended up being the worst of it.

Wednesday was a performance at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. I’ve performed at St. Anselm quite a bit in the last couple years. GREAT folks there. Laura, who is the new agent working with Big Name Entertainment, lives in Manchester so she picked me up at the airport and took me to lunch before heading to the college. She also showed me the world’s largest LEGO display, which was just a display of a bunch of old factories in Manchester.

Multimedia message

Multimedia message

The show at St. A’s was great despite it being really HOT in the room. The crowd was excellent (more guys than I remember at St. A’s) and the students took me to the pub that is in the middle of the campus. This is a popular spot for St. A’s students and you’ll regularly see the monks and priests from the college indulging after a hard day of teaching.

sidenote: I really like the Hampton Inn in Bedford, NH where St. A’s puts me up. It’s always really clean and nice. But outside of my window, I saw this:

Multimedia message

A little scary, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Maybe the rodent catchers just needed a place to stay for the night?

That’s all I got for now. OH – two more things! The new routine is coming together! I won’t say too much until it’s completed, but here’s a sneak preview:

Multimedia message

The other thing. My good friend Leah Cunningham has been working on posters for my show. I’ve got a rough draft of the new poster and because you’re nice enough to be reading my blog, here’s a sneak preview of that:

Michael Kent Poster_small

Let me know what you think! I’d love your input! That’s all for now I believe!

peace, love, and a healthy beaver community,


Back to school!  That’s been the theme of the week as I ended my string of corporate shows in St. Louis, MO on Monday and started the fall college tour.  St. Louis was great.  I performed for a Forbes Top 50 company and the previous week, a billion dollar IT dept. for another Fortune 500 company.  I got some time while in St. Louis to visit the famous Gateway Arch.  I took some photos (see them on the “Photos from the Road” Flickr set) and had some time to visit Gibbol’s, a really nice Juggling/Clown/Magic/Costume shop at the Landing.


This is the view looking straight down from the top of the St. Louis Gateway Arch

Thursday brought me to Capital University in Bexley, OH for their Orientation/Welcome Week.  I really like the kids at Cap.  Many of the Orientation staff were also current or former University Programming students, so I knew many of them.  I think we had somewhere between 300-400 in Mees Auditorium for the show.  I have video from the show, but I haven’t grabbed it out of the camera yet. I was humbled by a standing ovation from the audience.

On Friday, I visited Clarion University in Clarion, PA.  Jamie at Clarion is a good friend of mine (and fellow OSUMB alum!) and she had me in for Clarion’s Welcome Week.  I hung out at a BBQ outside talking to people about the show for awhile.  It was there that I performed for the entire Clarion Football team (it’s okay guys, it’s not always about winning) and the Clarion International Students Club (who politely applauded after every move I made).  The show was in Gemmel Student center, which I’ve compared in the past to the typical gymnasium from Back to the Future’s “Enchantment Under the Sea” Dance.

I think we got several hundred students out to the show in Clarion, and went to Eat n’ Park afterward where I predicted the time set on a watch in the kitchen and we cried laughing at a drunk patron of the restaurant.

The next morning, I drove to the Cleveland Airport to fly to Colorado for a performance at the University of Northern Colorado. I had a layover in Chicago as Barack Obama was flying out to meet Joe Biden in Springfield, IL. I caught his plane taking off!


Click the photo to enlarge it and see the flag talked about here.  It was really exciting at Chicago Midway, as everyone on my flight to Denver was on their way to the Democratic National Convention, including a State Senator from Louisiana Chicago Tribune Jounralists, and several Obama staffers. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, it was really exciting as the plane was buzzing with energy and friendliness.  The flight attendant sang to us.

The show at th University of Northern Colorado was great.  The town smells like cow-poop, but other than that, it’s a really nice city.  Very modern feeling for being out amongst so many ranches.  I was surprised to arrive to 1,000 chairs set up!


The UNC Program Council (which was AWESOME, btw), told me that their events so far had been very heavily attended so they were expecting a full house. And BOY did they deliver! By 8pm, the seats were filled will more standing in the back!


The show went very well and the crowd was very enthusiastic and fun. I was once again humbled by a standing ovation of the more than 1,000 students in attendance. I really appreciate it. It makes me happy that people enjoy what I do. It makes all this travel worth it for sure. PLUS – UNC gave me a scarf and a football hackey sack!



That’s all for right now. I’m exhausted, but I finally get to head home today and will be home for 3 days! Next week, I travel to Kokomo, Indiana, Paxton, MA, Cleveland, OH and then its off to West Palm Beach, FL then Philly!

Peace, love and Obama,